We’re holding an election for our next chair. We recorded a live hustings last week; if you missed it, watch it back now on YouTube.

We’re holding an election for our next chair. Last week, we got both candidates together for a hustings; asking them questions about what they would do if they were elected as Chair. We took questions from a small in-person audience and via Twitter.

The election is happening now. If your department is listed on our CSRA Votes website, then they should be holding a departmental vote. Each department then gets one vote each to determine the winner: their vote is based on the results of the departmental vote.

You can get detailed information on the voting timetable and what networks should be doing in our election guidance.

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  • Jen Gagg - 4th October 2017, 8:24 am

    Hi, Jen from a:gender, this has been great. Good luck to both of you. Some of the feedback you have given I have echoed myself!


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