This is guidance for departmental network chairs and committees about the election process for the new CSRA chair.

We are currently holding elections for CSRA’s next Chair. This guidance is intended to help network chairs and committees understand how the election will operate and how the voting process works.

Why this guidance has been issued

It has become apparent that there is some confusion about how the election process works, and so we are issuing this guidance, and revising some of the election timetable dates, in response.

Election timetable

The timetable for the election has been revised as follows:

  • Campaign period: Tuesday 11 July to Sunday 10 September
  • Chair’s hustings: Thursday 21 September
  • Deadline for network registration to vote: 10 September 20171
  • Departmental voting opens no earlier than: Monday 11 September 2017
  • Departmental voting closes no later than: Monday 9 October at 12 noon
  • Deadline for networks to return their votes to CSRA: Friday 13 October at 12 noon
  • Results announced: mid-October (at the Impact Index awards evening)

The election process

CSRA’s constitution sets out its election process. Elections for Chair are run on a one-network-one-vote (ONOV) system: each network can vote for one candidate, and each network’s vote is given equal weighting.

You must organise a local departmental vote

Network chairs and committees should organise a vote within their own department to determine who their network will vote for. It is the decision of network chairs and committees how to operate this vote, according to their own terms of reference or constitution: we recommend an all staff vote or a committee vote.

You must not organise your departmental vote to take place before Monday 11 September. This is to give candidates time opportunity to meet with you and your networks, if they choose, as part of the campaign process.

Your departmental voting process must conclude before Monday 9 October at 12 noon, and your network chair must send the outcome of your vote to CSRA by Friday 13 October at 12 noon via our online voting system. If you miss this deadline, your vote will not count.

You must register your network to ensure you can vote

Your network must be listed on the CSRA Votes website to be eligible to vote.

If you are a network chair or committee member, and your network is not listed on the CSRA Votes website, please email before 10 September 2017.

If you do not register in time, your network will not be able to vote.

Casting your network’s vote

Departmental network chairs will receive an email containing telling them how to notify CSRA of the outcome of their network’s vote. You must follow these instructions to notify us of your department’s vote or your vote will not count.

We will update the CSRA Votes website as votes are received.

You must not reveal the outcome of your network’s vote until after the winner is announced

The election is by secret ballot. You must keep the outcome of your network’s vote a secret until the election has concluded.

Your network’s vote will be made public when we reveal the winner. This will happen at the Impact Index Awards evening in mid-October. The results will also be published on our website.

  1. Note, the deadline for network registrations has been extended from 1 September 2017 due to some confusion over the election administration process. 


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