Making it easier and faster to order things like t-shirts for Pride.

Every year we organise for Civil Service t-shirts to be printed and mailed out around the UK so civil servants can show their Pride in their workplace. This process is normally frustratingly slow for you when you order; the ordering process itself was tough, you had to wait weeks for your t-shirt to turn up, and sometimes you couldn’t get the colour or size you wanted.

We’ve been trying to find ways to fix that, so that you can have the right thing, and you can get it faster.

We’re pleased to introduce the CSRA Store – the easier and faster way to order things like Civil Service t-shirts for Pride.

Now you can order a CSRA t-shirt for Pride in any size and colour, and have it shipped in days, not weeks. You can also order CSRA hoodies and CSRA tote bags, if they take your fancy.

We hope this new store will provide a much faster, higher quality service for everyone. Let us know what you think.

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