Election process

5 June 2017

Following the decision of our chair, Ollie Entwistle, to stand down, elections will be taking place for a Chair and Vice-Chair. Below are details of how our elections work.

The elected positions in CSRA are Chair and Vice-Chair. Both of these posts will be up for election.

Separate elections take place for the Chair and Vice-Chair roles but candidates for the Chair and Vice-Chair roles can stand on a ‘joint ticket’ if they wish to.

The Chair and Vice-Chair are elected for two year terms.

The elections run on the basis of 1 vote per Civil Service LGBT network.

Only networks that are registered with CSRA by the announced deadline will be eligible to vote. To register go to Join us and follow the network registration process.

Each network is expected to hold their own internal vote to decide which candidate to support.

Voting takes place electronically via the CSRA website.

The candidate with the most votes is elected.

In the event of a tie between two or more candidates, a ‘run-off’ vote will happen.

The Returning Officer is the CSRA Office Manager, Matt Parsons. If he decides to stand a replacement will be appointed by the Chair.

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