Every year, the Civil Service takes part in Pride events across the UK; and this year was no different. This year we were at Pride in London, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Cardiff, Glasgow and Manchester.

Every year, the Civil Service takes part in Pride events across the UK; and this year was no different. This year we were at Pride in London, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Cardiff, Glasgow and Manchester.

Be Yourself

This year, we encouraged every civil servant to #beyourself. And hundreds were! It was our biggest Pride ever.

More civil servants took part in Pride this year than any year before. Over 200 civil servants joined us for Pride in London, and around 100 marched at Pride Glasgow.

And that spirit of championing difference was visible at every level of the Civil Service. The Permanent Secretaries of the Department for Culture Media and Sport, Sue Owen, Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Claire Moriarty, and Ministry of Justice, Richard Heaton joined the Civil Service group in London, and the Permanent Secretary for the Scottish Government, Leslie Evans, joined marchers in Glasgow.

Our volunteers, in their own words

We can only take part in so many Pride events thanks to the work of volunteers across the UK: both LGBT and allies. Some of them shared their thoughts and thanks with us, and we wanted to share them with you:

Pride in Glasgow

The crowd at Pride in Glasgow

“Thank you to everyone who attended Pride Glasgow. The weather was awful, but that didn’t dampen our spirits as a record number of around 100 civil servants paraded our CSRA banner through the streets of Glasgow. Various government departments were represented from all over the country and we were thrilled to have Leslie Evans, Permanent Secretary of the Scottish Government joining us too! Thanks for brightening up Glasgow for the day and I hope to see you all again real soon.”

— Derek, Scotland Rep

Pride in Edinburgh

Civil servants at Pride Edinburgh

“On 2 July 2016 a group of Scottish Government staff marched in Edinburgh Pride under 3 Saltire flags signed by many more colleagues and a number of Ministers. Sounds simple enough but it was a proud moment: while many of us had marched separately we were there together, staff of all grades up to a Director General, representing the Scottish Government collectively for the first time.

“This is part of a really exciting growth in commitment and solidarity within the Scottish Government in supporting and securing full LGBTI workplace equality. We are seeing leadership, visibility and vision from our senior managers and after a shaky few years not represented on the Stonewall WEI we are back with action plans and identified priorities. This has been action initiated through the at times brave leadership of LGBTI colleagues, supported by a strong Allies Network, which I convene.

“On a personal note, I marched for the first time with two of my kids. They asked “daddy why are we here?”. “We are marching because we agree people should be able to be who they are, love who they want to love, marry who they want to marry”. They looked genuinely confused – for them equal marriage isn’t even a hard-fought achievement; it’s a simple reality, expressing an incontrovertible truth. Of course there is much to do but I take great confidence from my kids that for many of the next generation true equality is a given.”

— Richard Foggo, Scottish government and LGBT ally

Nottingham Pride

Civil servants at Nottingham Pride

“On Saturday 30th July CSRA East Midlands regional members took part in the Nottinghamshire Pride Parade. We were blessed again with excellent weather and the parade was it’s usual colourful and noisy celebration. The route was right through the centre of Nottingham and accompanied by the encouragement of Saturday shoppers and businesses alike. We observed silence for the victims of Orlando and joined in the many activities other participants organised along the way – including American Football! Many thanks to everyone who took part and carried the banner – and especially those who joined and encouraged us along the way.”

— David Wilson, East Midlands Rep

Thanks for taking part

If you joined us for any of our Pride parades: thank you! We couldn’t have done it without you. Until next year, #beyourself, and we’ll see you again!

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