Internal communications tools

Last modified: 13 March 2016

CSRA uses some specific tools for internal communications. This guidance explains:
  • what tools we use
  • how you can get access to them


Slack is a messaging app for teams. It’s free to use and is available on the web, iPhone and iPad, Android, Mac and Windows. It works like a persistent chat room.

CSRA uses Slack so that volunteers can keep in touch.

Access CSRA Slack

CSRA’s Slack address is

Join the CSRA Slack

If you want to join our Slack channel, you’ll need an invite. Anyone volunteering for CSRA can request an invite.

You can request an invite by emailing You must email us from a email address.

Google Apps

CSRA uses Google Apps for its email, document sharing and cloud storage.

Access Google Apps

How to get a CSRA Google account

Google Apps isn’t free for us; whilst we’re a voluntary organisation, we’re not a registered charity. We can’t afford to give everyone who volunteers for us a Google Apps account, so we restrict access to our senior team. If you think you should have a Google Apps account, email us at

If you can’t have a CSRA Google Apps account, don’t worry; we can still share documents and email with you if you sign up for a free Google account.

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