How to get things published

Last modified: 4 March 2016

Our publishing process guidance helps our volunteers to understand the process they must follow to get content published on our website.

To ensure what we produce is consistent, and is available across all of our channels, CSRA has a publishing process. It should be read alongside our proposition. It’s not complicated; anyone wanting to publish content on our website must follow this guidance.

1. Website first

Content must be published on the website before it can be shared through any other channel. This is so we can link to it from our newsletter and social media accounts.

All content goes through an approvals process, to make sure it is consistent with our style-guide, and that it doesn’t conflict the Civil Service Code.

2. Newsletter

Any content published on the website since the previous newsletter will be curated and publicised in the next newsletter. The excerpt you write as part of your website content will usually be used as the ‘preview’ of the article in the newsletter.

3. Social media

Once your content is published CSRA will publicise it on social media. In general, it will be shared a few times across the week in which you published it, and sometimes longer.

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