Last modified: 29 November 2015

CSRA’s brand identity helps to build trust with our members and stakeholders, and gives us visibility, recognition and identity.

We have some guidelines about use of our logo so that we’re consistent in its use.

To make sure CSRA is visible and recognisable, our logo should only be used in certain ways.

There are 2 main versions of our logo: one ‘standard’ logo without our full name, and one ‘extended’ logo with our name in full.

We should normally use our ‘standard’ logo in any digital or printed media. Sometimes, we might need to make it clear that ‘CSRA’ means ‘Civil Service Rainbow Alliance’. When this happens, we should use our ‘extended’ logo.

We should only use our ‘extended’ logo when our name can be clearly seen. We wouldn’t use the ‘extended’ logo for our profile pictures on Twitter or Facebook, or example, but we could use it for banners at Pride.

There are several variants of the colours in our logos.

We designed our logo for light backgrounds. Sometimes, we need to use it on dark or coloured backgrounds. When we do, we usually change the colour of our logo’s text from black to white.

If we need to print in black and white, we change the colour of the rings underneath the ‘CSRA’ text to match the text.

The logo is available in a variety of sizes so you shouldn’t need to resize it yourself. If you must, ensure that its quality and proportions are maintained.


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