Last modified: 29 November 2015

CSRA’s brand identity helps to build trust with our members and stakeholders, and gives us visibility, recognition and identity.

We have some guidelines about the fonts we use as an organisation so that our work is recognisable.

Typography is extremely important in any design. It’s a key factor in legibility. We should ensure our designs are clear and easy to read.

CSRA uses a limited number of fonts in all of its design. These fonts have been chosen because of their accessibility, their wide availability, and compatibility across platforms.

You should use only these fonts when producing official CSRA materials or publications. The only exceptions to this are for one-off joint publications with other organisations, where separate design choices might be needed.

We use Helvetica as our primary text font, and we use Avenir in our logo. If Helvetica isn’t available, we use Arial instead.

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