CSRA Proposition

Last modified: 9 October 2015

Our proposition helps our volunteers know where to publish their content.

It explains:

  1. the criteria for content published on our website, newsletter and other platforms
  2. what doesn’t go on our website

Our website and newsletter are designed to meet the needs of our members – civil servants working for HM Government who define as lesbian, gay, bisexual or with another minority sexual identity. We also cater for the needs of straight allies and senior officials in the Civil Service who are interested in our work and who can help us make the Civil Service a better place for LGB* people.

Our website and newsletter are used for engagement. They provide news and information about the work of CSRA, local departmental networks and the Civil Service.

This document is here to help CSRA volunteers know whether the thing they want to publish should go on our website, in our newsletter, or on another platform used by CSRA.

What goes on the CSRA website

Something is suitable to publish on CSRA’s website if:

1. News and updates about CSRA’s work

It’s something about the work CSRA or a local departmental LGB* network is doing. For example:

  • progress reports against our plans
  • information about services we provide
  • updates from member’s meetings
  • write ups from our events

2. News and updates about the Civil Service

It’s something about the Civil Service that is especially relevant to LGB* civil servants, either because it relates to diversity or because it supports them at work. For example:

  • information about Civil Service talent schemes
  • analysis of the Civil Service diversity policies and strategies
  • statistics from and analysis of the Civil Service People Survey

3. Events

It’s something about events we run. All our events are publicly listed using EventBrite and automatically display on our website. We put all our event details on the event pages.

If it’s a big event, like Pride, we’ll publish information in line with point 1 from this document.

4. Publications

It’s something we’ve commissioned or written and want to publish as research or policy. For example:

  • research on the experiences of LGB* people in the Civil Service
  • strategy documents and business plans

These kinds of documents are published in a different format on our website, so they’re easier to point to.

We publish additional information about our publications in line with point 1 of this document.

What goes in our newsletter

We only send out newsletters with content that is already on our website. That way, if someone isn’t registered for our newsletter, they can still know what we’re doing as an organisation.

What doesn’t go on our website

It won’t go on our website if:

  • it’s not relevant to civil servants as civil servants
  • it’s not written in Plain English
  • it’s already published on another website, such as GOV.UK

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