Radius Staff Networks event

17 February 2015

Matt Parsons, CSRA volunteer, attended the Radius Staff Networks event, representing CSRA.

I went to this event as I thought it would be interesting to hear from those who run networks and meet other CSRA members who were attending. It was clear that everyone was interested in developing their own network but that similar challenges existed particularly how to run a network across different locations. This event was the second workshop organised by Radius with a range of private and public sector representatives present.

PwC’s Diversity, Inclusion and Employee Wellbeing lead kicked off the event with a key note speech on their diversity development over the years. This was followed by a panel discussion that included Jonathan Marshall from the FCO network. In discussion there was an interesting debate about a range of diversity issues including how to grow your network.

After the panel discussion, attendees broke into smaller groups to consider how networks can work better for staff working regionally or remotely. Sharing experiences from central government, the wider public sector, and industry, the groups identified several common themes:

  • Growing local leadership
  • Regional networking instead of company specific networking
  • Using digital technology to improve awareness of network activity and increase accessibility

Overall, I thought that this was a very effective workshop. I know that CSRA are planning to build on the idea of how to connect staff working across locations in a workshop at their conference, so if you are interested in this topic, I would encourage you to sign up to that workshop when registration opens.

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