CSRA has assessed some of the early data coming from this year’s Civil Service People Survey.

The early results from the Civil Service People Survey are in. Although we do not yet have the full breakdown of the results by sexual orientation or by Department, we do have the headline Civil Service wide results for LGB people as a community.

The key findings are:

  • 7,856 of respondents identified as LGB with a further 1,446 identifying as Other. 225,931 people identified as Heterosexual.
  • 85% of LGB people are interested in their work (77% for Other and 88% for Heterosexual).
  • LGB people are as likely as Heterosexual people to say that they feel proud when they tell others who they work for.
  • On questions regarding management, LGB staff are slightly less content with management than Heterosexual colleagues (a few per cent in it) but those who identify as Other are between 10% and 15% less satisfied.
  • Only 45% of LGB staff consider there are opportunities to develop their career in their organisation. This is similar to Heterosexual staff.
  • 17% of LGB staff have experienced discrimination (11% for Heterosexual staff) and 16% have experienced bullying and harassment (10% for Heterosexual staff).
  • LGB staff are more likely to want to leave the organisation as soon as possible (12% for LGB compared to 8% for Heterosexual).

As the more detailed data is made available to us, we will update this analysis and produce a comparison with previous years.

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