We’ve published the first ever Civil Service role model guide for LGB* staff.

We are really pleased to be publishing the first Civil Service wide role model guide that features lesbian, gay, bisexual, and other staff with a minority sexual orientation (LGB*).

The Civil Service, like the wider society it serves, has come a long way in its attitudes towards sexual orientation equality. It was only as recent as the 1980s that the Civil Service ended its practice of not promoting staff that openly identified as LGB* to senior positions. The fact that some thirty years later, we can publish a role models guide that celebrates the positive role that LGB* civil servants play across the whole Civil Service is great progress.

We also think that this role models guide sends a clear, visible, signal to all civil servants that it’s okay to be yourself in the Civil Service. It is important that everyone understands that you can be LGB* and be successful in your career; that you can be LGB* and be open, if you wish, about your life outside work; and that you can be LGB* and be a leader. As Stonewall says, people do perform better when they can be themselves in the workplace.

The role models featured in this guide are from a broad cross-section of Departments and their arm’s-length bodies, though they are also volunteers so if your Department is not featured then that is not because LGB* role models do not exist within your organisation. We have also tried to reflect the diversity of the Civil Service in this guide. This means we have role models from across the grades, across locations, across job functions, and of course, across different sexual orientations – including allies.

We hope that you enjoy reading this guide and we would like to thank all of the role models who have contributed to this guide but who also act as visible champion of LGB* equality in their day to day work.

This will be a living document, and more role models will be added to the online version of this guide over time, so if you want to be included in a future update please contact us via the details provided at the end of the guide.


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