CSRA Vice-Chair, Kate Scott-Hughes, writes about CSRA’s forthcoming role models guide.

I quite often ask myself what a role model is, along with “who are my role models?”. The answers I come up with vary according to my mood and focus at the time but there are some things that are consistent:

A role model has to be authentic (for me anyway), it has to be someone who comfortable in their own skin, knows who they are and what their values are and keeps that in mind in everything they do. They know what they are willing to share and will share it generously, letting others learn from their experiences and not have to make the same mistakes themselves.

A role model doesn’t have to be someone more senior than me. Role modelling is often about behaviour and integrity (if we’re choosing the right role models anyway!), in a civil service that values certain behaviours in all of its employees we should be able to find role models at all levels.

My role models are drawn from a range of different places and have all had very different journeys. From the bisexual colleague who has patiently and conscientiously worked her way through various issues she and her family and friends had around her sexual orientation, giving herself the space needed to explore her feelings and how they fitted with her religion and then being very honest and open with her partner to my colleagues who run staff networks within CPS and how they each tackle different problems, and the senior manager I have worked with recently who has demonstrated a real desire to make sure all their staff feel comfortable and secure at work. They are all role models for me in different ways.

One thing that thinking about this over the last few years has made me realise is that although I have several LGB* role models from within the civil service that is probably because I spend quite a lot of time talking to other LGB* civil servants. For those who work in front line roles and smaller offices it’s harder to see LGB* role models, most of us aren’t shy but we are so spread out across the UK and the world that we just don’t get the opportunity to come across each other.

So CSRA are going to do something to change this! We’re planning a publication which will showcase LGB* civil servants from across all departments and agencies, across grades, across the UK (and the rest of the world). And we want you to help us, so if you know you want to be profiled in the document or you know someone who is a role model to you and would like to persuade them to be profiled then please let us know and we will let you have all the details to complete so we can build up a page. We want a varied and diverse group of people profiled from across the civil service, if you would like to know more please email info@ukcsra.com

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