Ollie Entwistle, Chair of CSRA, writes about his attendance at the cross-government networks workshop.

I recently attended a workshop specifically for those who run cross civil service networks such as CSRA. Organised by the Civil Service Diversity team it was the first time that any of us could remember a workshop like this happening.

The aims of the workshops were to explore how our networks currently operate, what our personal strengths were, how we could individually be more effective, and how we can work together more closely in the future. As part of this, I delivered a short presentation on the work of CSRA, our history, our plans for the future, and my personal style.

For me, it was a very thought provoking and useful day. Taking the time out of the ‘day job’ to really focus on the important work that CSRA is doing was incredibly useful. It was also good to be able to bounce ideas off others, and, help us all develop ideas for our networks.

Our facilitator highlighted the importance of network leads having a sharp sense of purpose, lots of energy, and a systematic approach. She also emphasised that staff groups add a lot of value to organisations and are important for driving culture change within organisations.

Related to this, Janet Hill, the Head of the Civil Service Diversity team, committed to asking Sir Simon Fraser, as overall Civil Service Diversity Champion, to write to Departments to remind them of the important work that all networks do whether they are within Departments or cross-departmental.

Finally, we agreed that meeting together as a group was very useful, particularly for sharing learning and exploring opportunities for joint events or campaigns. So, we will now meet together as a community on a regular basis.

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